[Bug 486438] Re: Unable to check the file integrity by using "Increase compatibility with Windows"

sma m_0622 at gmx.net
Sun Nov 22 19:43:31 GMT 2009

I tested a little bit and found out:

1) When you only burn one single file, the "file integrity check" always
works fine (even if you use the option "Increase compatibility with
Windows" and Brasero cuts the filename to less than 64 characters).

2) When you burn two ore more files and - using the  option "Increase
compatibility with Windows" - brasero cuts the filename of one or more
files to less than 64 characters, the "file integrity check" always
stops with an error as described in the Bug Description above.

Here is an example:

I burn these two files with the option "Increase compatibility with Windows". The original filenames are:

On the CD/DVD the filenames are:

As you can see, Brasero cuts the filename of the first file correctly
after 64 characters.

The entries in the .checksum.md5 are:
51a31a66cc5eb5110f5bdf41aab0dd87  02_-_This_is_a_test_file.mp3
51a31a66cc5eb5110f5bdf41aab0dd87  01_-_This_is_a_test_file_to_look_if_brasero_is_able_to_check_the_file_integrity_of_filenames_with_less_than_64_characters.mp3

The last rows in the log file say:
BraseroChecksumFiles Getting file /02_-_This_is_a_test_file.mp3
BraseroChecksumFiles comparing checksums for file /02_-_This_is_a_test_file.mp3 : 51a31a66cc5eb5110f5bdf41aab0dd87 (from md5 file) / 51a31a66cc5eb5110f5bdf41aab0dd87 (current)
BraseroChecksumFiles Getting file /01_-_This_is_a_test_file_to_look_if_brasero_is_able_to_check_the_file_integrity_of_filenames_with_less_than_64_characters.mp3
BraseroChecksumFiles Ended with an error
BraseroChecksumFiles called brasero_job_error
BraseroChecksumFiles finished with an error
BraseroChecksumFiles asked to stop because of an error
	error		= 1
	message	= "Datei »/01_-_This_is_a_test_file_to_look_if_brasero_is_able_to_check_the_file_integrity_of_filenames_with_less_than_64_characters.mp3« kann nicht geöffnet werden"
BraseroChecksumFiles stopping
Session error : Datei »/01_-_This_is_a_test_file_to_look_if_brasero_is_able_to_check_the_file_integrity_of_filenames_with_less_than_64_characters.mp3« kann nicht geöffnet werden (brasero_burn_record brasero-burn.c:2808)

As you can see, the "file integrity check" is searching the file
but doesn't find it because the filename on the CD/DVD is only

I also made a screenshot of the error-message but it's in german (see attachment). I try to translate:
"The file integrity check can not be carried out. File "01_-_This_is_a_test_file_to_look_if_brasero_is_able_to_check_the_file_integrity_of_filenames_with_less_than_64_characters.mp3" can not be opend".

I hope this example will help to find the bug.

** Attachment added: "Screenshot of the error-mesage (in german)"

Unable to check the file integrity by using "Increase compatibility with Windows"
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