[Bug 486556] [NEW] After upgrading to 9.10 k3b had no sound output and failed to produce audio CDs

barbirolli gerald.williams23 at ntlworld.com
Sun Nov 22 05:26:19 GMT 2009

Public bug reported:

Binary package hint: k3b

I had been using k3b (successfully, and quite frequently) under 8.04 for
some time but upgraded to 9.10 last week without using the intermediate
distributions. Presumably the k3b version was also advanced at the same
time. Both under 8.04 and currently, the programme came from Synaptic
Package Manager. This report relates only to audio CD production from
pre-existing flac files as I have not tried producing other discs or
audio CDs from other sources as yet.

1 Now, there is no sound output. Warnings do not play. There is a 'flag'
error message when trying to play them in Settings saying something
relating to Phonon does not work, but this soon disappears and I do not
recall now what it says. More significant, once files are loaded for
burning, it is impossible to play them as before. There is an option on
right-clicking each file to play it, but this is greyed out. Checking
Settings-Programs to see if any elements were missing, the only one
which k3b could find was emovix, that clearly being nothing to do with
this problem, which in itself would rule out my using the programme.

2 When attempting to "add silence" to particular tracks, there are also
serious problems (a: -clearly a bug-) the silence duration window (by
default 2 seconds) does not work. Use of the up and down arrow adjusts
the silence by minutes, not seconds. Even if you highlight just the
seconds part of the display (by default the whole display is
highlighted), the arrows only change the seconds by 1, then subsequent
clicks alter the minutes. Trying to edit the figures in the display also
does not work. Entering a 30 second silence manually actually gives you
three seconds silence. If you wipe out the default display entirely and
enter "700", you actually get (for some incomprehensible reason) a 9
second silence added, so by trial and error by using these arbitrary
figures you could develop a code to get the silence you want, but this
is not a viable practical method. There is exactly the same problem with
the counter when trying to edit a track's post gap.  (b -possibly not a
bug, but a rather stupid programming decision-) once silences have been
added (and given the previous difficulty, they are usually the wrong
ones) it is now impossible to eliminate or adjust them. Previously,
silences appeared separate from the original material in the track, but
joined to them rather like two merged tracks, and the silence part could
be edited. Now there is no trace of any silence which may have been
added as it is simply subsumed into the track.

3 The parts of the Current Projects window devoted to Artist and Title
(usually blank as the file I am using do not often have this information
when loaded) are too large and are unadjustable, making it initially
difficult to identify which intended track is where, since most of the
file title is off the edge of the window. There is no bar to move the
display across. For some reason, this improves during the assembly of
files for a CD as the space allotted to the file title seems to increase
with time, though there seems no logic to when or why this happens (it
certainly is nothing to do with the length of the file title, though you
might expect it to). Again this may be a design fault, but it is
extraordinarily annoying.

4 You no longer seem able to re-order tracks. This was not formerly
easy, either, but now attempting to do so simply puts a duplicate of the
track you select where you want it, leaving the original in place having
to be removed manually. This wouldn't be a big problem if the silences
could be separated  (see above), but any tracks so moved take their
silences with them and they are often inappropriate in their new
positions, even if they were correct in their old ones.

Unfortunately I am not finished.

5 Previously, flac files were added to a project and having got the
order and silences, etc., right, it was a straightforward burn to
produce a viable audio CD. Unfortunately, no longer is this so. What you
get is an apparently successful burn, and an unreadable disc. While k3b
reports success, the computer initially still thinks the burned disc is
blank, but if you reload it the player (any of them) reports that the
disc contains no audio files, although recognizing the disc as an audio
one. It is not recognized as a data disc, either and it is not possible
to browse the disc to see what files are on it. I suspect that this may
not be a problem unique to k3b.

6 It was at this stage that I noticed that the options to do a dummy
burn in k3b and to verify the data recorded seem to have disappeared. If
this is supposed to be an improvement I hope there aren't going to be
many more design developments.

The sum effect of the above is that I now have to use Audacity manually
to add appropriate silences to each track in turn and convert the flac
files to CD-type wav files. I then use Brasero ( a much inferior
programme) to do the burning.


** Affects: k3b (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: New

After upgrading to 9.10 k3b had no sound output and failed to produce audio CDs
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