[Bug 483792] Re: Brasero Copy to ISO image does not work for some DVDs

cyber_rigger cyber_rigger at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 18 22:25:13 GMT 2009

64 bit Jaunty on AMD64

Brasero 2.26.1  ALSO seems broken for copying some CD iso images. I had
to use nautilus-cd-burner.

I made iso image copies of a cd using brasero (forcing .iso, brasero
wanted .toc) and nautilus-cd-burner.

The 2 resulting iso images DIFFERED.

Brasero kept giving me error messages when I would try to write its iso
to a cd disc, making coasters and locking the whole machine.

Nautilus-cd-burner worked fine (same machine) for copying CD --> .iso
---> CD.

The iso images copied by brasero from a CD disc did seem to work as a
virtual CD but I couldn't write them back to a CD-R using brasero.

The difference seems to be that when brasero copys a CD it pads the iso
file at the end with null zeros. This somehow causes an error when
attempting to burn a disc.

Brasero Copy to ISO image does not work for some DVDs
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