[Bug 380643] Re: files with % in name within folder fail to burn

Teej xteejyx at googlemail.com
Thu May 28 20:50:24 BST 2009

** Description changed:

  Binary package hint: brasero
  maybe similar to this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/brasero/+bug/307957
  error log attached.
  burning the image just breaks up and gives attached error log. the only
  thing i can think of that could create this error is the % in the
  filenames. when i removed them from some files i was able to burn them.
  Note: This only happens when the files with a % in the name are INSIDE another folder, if they are burned to the root folder there is no problem.
  Steps to reproduce:
  - Either create or rename some files with a % sign in the name.
  - Burn to root folder of any CD/DVD using Brasero -- no problem.
  - Create a folder, and insert the % files into this folder, and place the folder onto the root directory on the CD/DVD i.e. /cdrom0/blah/eoio%wihw.jpg
  - Brasero fails
+ I don't know what the default format is i.e. Joilet or ISO9660, but it
+ was the default option in brasero with the Windows compatibility
+ checkbox checked.
  Not sure if this might be brasero itself or cdrkit/cdrecord, needs
  further testing.

files with % in name within folder fail to burn
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