[Bug 380643] Re: burning files containing % creates error

Fifoxtasy philipp_foerster at yahoo.com
Thu May 28 19:34:13 BST 2009

i burned some other files with % in them without a problem. but there are some files (also containing %) that just won't be burnt by brasero.
i attached two of those files (i got 4 in total if you care for more) i have problems with. they are in an 7z archive. just extract the folder in there and then drag the folder into brasero or add it via the add.. button. if you only add the files, without the folder, there is no error. you have to add the whole folder. you have to add them to a Data Project. it doesn't matter if you burn them or create an image.
if you change the filename (on disk) or the name in brasero the file can be burnt normally (= the error disappears)
i hope this is reproduceable on other machines.
about those files: they were created by Miranda a windows instant messenger on a NTFS partition under windows XP. i copied them over to a ext3 partition when i switched to linux. permissions are set to be rw for everybody; me being the owner.
please let me know what's wrong about those files, i'm getting really curious.

by the way another bug: when i delete (move to trash) a folder that i
just dragged into brasero, brasero closes/crashes.

burning files containing % creates error
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