[Bug 114758] Re: k3b error when writing and verifying DVDs using slimline drive

Timothy Miller theosib at gmail.com
Tue May 19 02:33:26 BST 2009

I can't speak for others, but I can tell you how things have been
working for me.

First of all, the system I'm using is a quad-core Core 2 running at
3.4GHz, and the drive I'm using is a 22x SATA DVD burner that supports
DMA.  All of those things conspire to hide software inefficiencies.  The
drive is identified as "TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S223F".

I tried burning an ISO to a DVD-R that was just short of filling the
disk.  The drive is CAV, so it starts out slow, because the data rate is
slower on the inner tracks.  As it spirals outwards, it speeds up.  But
it never made it past about 16x.  Some people have told me that I should
see at least 20x.  Others have told me that I should consider myself
lucky that it was that fast.  It turns out that the disc I burned to is
rated at 16x, but this drive is designed to be able to burn at higher
speeds than the disc ratings.  That is, I should be able to burn this
16x disc at 22x because of some magic in the way the drive is designed.

So to summarize, with K3b, I was able to burn at the disc's rated speed,
which is fantastic.  The fact that K3b set the drive speed to the rating
of the disc and not to what the drive is actually capable of doing with
that disc may be a bug.

k3b error when writing and verifying DVDs using slimline drive
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