[Bug 386698] Re: Brasero will not write single FLAC file with cuesheet to audio CD

Sebastian Thürrschmidt thuerrschmidt at gmail.com
Tue Jun 30 00:54:35 BST 2009

I'm experiencing very similar problems. I'm also using RubyRipper to rip
my audio CDs to flac (one file for each track in my case, as opposed to
one flac file per CD), with the "Create cuesheet" option enabled. When I
try to burn the cue/flac image to disc (by choosing the "Write to Disc
..." context menu option in Nautilus), Brasero will abort with the
"*.cue could not be found" message as described by the original

One of the workarounds I tried was to remove the first few lines from
the cue file, i.e. all the REM lines as well as the first PERFORMER and
TITLE lines (in other words, everything before the first FILE line).
After that, Brasero did indeed burn the CD successfully -- or so it
seemed, because on closer inspection it turned out that the flac files
had been written as is (raw, without decompression and decoding) to the
disc. The resulting CD was, of course, garbage and not playable. I'm not
sure if this is a separate or related issue.

I did succeed in creating a copy of the CD from my flac/cue files by
converting the flac files to wav first (using Sound Converter) and by
changing the (relative) file names in the cue sheet accordingly (i.e.,
by replacing the .flac extensions with .wav, but without adding the full
paths). This, however, does not come as a surprise, as Reed didn't have
any problems with wave files either.

To summarize: There seems to be something wrong in the way Brasero
handles references to one or more flac files within a cue sheet, and
it's not a matter of relative vs. absolute filenames. Please

Brasero will not write single FLAC file with cuesheet to audio CD
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