[Bug 177154] Re: cdrtools is undistributable

Schily joerg.schilling at fokus.fraunhofer.de
Mon Jun 29 22:05:10 BST 2009

First, you need to know the background information:

wodim and cdrkit in general is undistributable because
it is in conflict with the Copyright law and the GPL.

The original cdrtools have absolutely no license problem.
This was proved two times by an in depth license review made
by the Sun legal departement. 

I don't care about the FSF GPL FAQ because it is in conflict with the
GPL license text.  The "FSF GPL FAQ" was not written by lawyers but
by a laymen who is (acording to Eben Moglen) incorrectly informed.

The GPL was made intentionally compatible with _any_ library under
_any_ license and this is one important reason why there is no license problem
with the original code. If you like to read non-biased information about the
GPL, I recommend to read the GPL review made by the lawyer of the
OpenSource initiative:


and a word by word discussion in:


Note that even Debian agreed on March 6th 2009 to go back to the original
cdrtools as soon as possible. Ubuntu should become legal too and go back 
to recent well maintained and legal original software instead of using a 
questionable and buggy fork.

cdrtools is undistributable
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