[Bug 373591] Re: Session error : Some files may be corrupted on the disc (brasero_burn_record burn.c:2599)

Arthur eat.brains at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 23 11:32:12 BST 2009

*** This bug is a duplicate of bug 354995 ***

launching brasero from a terminal and writing an iso gives:

I/O warning : failed to load external entity

the error while burning, some files may be corrupted by disc log is
attached to this post.

i believe that brasero simply wont burn a windows 7 iso.  my father
wanted me to retrieve that iso, and with a little googling, i found that
it wasn't doable using the usual burning tools in ubuntu.  i did try a
trial of "nero for linux" and it burned it without issue.  i am unsure
what it is about the format about that iso, but brasero wont burn it.
the issue i am having, is iwith burning jaunty isos, or any other iso.
after every linux iso i burn, i get a error saying that some files may
be corrupted on disc please check error log ?  the error log is attached
to this post.  i thought it might be attributed to the burner i was
using but i swapped burners today, and it still gives me that error
burning jaunty or other linux related isos, and i've reinstalled jaunty
every time, so i know its a common problem, and i'm doing nothing other
than right click write iso.  i cannot burn a windows 7 iso, and of
course, i should be able to, its in iso format, but i care much less
about that and much more about jaunty isos, and the error that says
something went wrong.  despite it saying something went wrong, the dvd's
that were burned (use dvd's instead of cd media for lack of media)
actually turn out just fine.  despite the error log, they are functional
burns.  i'm on 32 bit jaunty using the latest up to date kernel.

** Attachment added: "error log after burning jaunty iso, burn is good however, brasero always does this"

Session error : Some files may be corrupted on the disc (brasero_burn_record burn.c:2599)
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