[Bug 149076] Re: I can't write a cd

FireMan300 jbade85 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 22 03:33:13 BST 2009

I had suggested a while back that the problem lies not within the actual
crdkit (or whatever flavor you decide to use) but that the problem lies
in the kernel level interactions. If you think back to when the original
bug was posted it was around time that there was a significant shift in
the handling of disks and the introduction of libata (if I remember
correctly), this is when the old HD(x) drives all became SD(x).

I've since posting compiled my own kernel and the problem seems to have
disappeared by enabling some of the options related to drive control.
I've attached my .config file for kernel pay particular
attention to lines 1189-1588 these govern the drive interaction.

I'm not sure which is the magic bullet but given my results I really
think this is an issue that can be resolved by adding something during
kernel compilation. If this is not something in the kernel then I'd look
into the interactions with libata and see where that goes.


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I can't write a cd
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