[Bug 367767] Re: the system freeze when I insert an audio cd

Martin G Miller mgmiller at optonline.net
Fri Jun 19 23:35:25 BST 2009

This problem seems to be brand &/or DMA speed specific for the DVD
drive.  I have an Asus DVD-E616P3 with firmware 1.06 that will freeze
the system every time with audio CD's.  When I swap it out for an old
Pioneer DVD-500M or TSSTcorp DVD burner, I have no problems.  The main
difference is the Asus is DMA 100 which freezes, the Pioneer is DMA 66
which is good and the TSST drive is DMA 33 which is also good.  Perhaps
it has something to do with the transfer speed of the drives?  An
Optiarc SATA DVD burner in the same system works fine.

I also have another computer with a fresh Jaunty install with an Asus
DVD-E616P2 with firmware 1.08 that will not mount audio cd's.  At least
it does not freeze the system.  This drive is also DMA 100.  A Plextor
Px-716A Firmware 1.06 in the same machine that runs at DMA 66 accepts
audio cd's just fine.

So, could it be something about brasero and PATA UDMA 100 optical

the system freeze when I insert an audio cd
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