[Bug 49127] Re: Long file names are truncated without warning

EzNet zeroezezero at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 12 15:59:15 BST 2009

I am experiencing the same issue in Jaunty.  I burnt a CD for a friend
who uses Windows and the file names were truncated to ~4-5 chars when
viewing in Windows - I have not been able to drop it back in a *nix box
to see if its the same here.

I was unaware of the file name changes until my friend asked me how to
tell what the file names really were; confused, I asked to see.  Sure
enough, the file names had been shortened to about the first word of the
file name.  I can understand truncating where needed, even without a
'real warning', but it seems that truncating to a set max length would
be more beneficial - at least more identifying information is available
to decipher the previous file name... In any case - I love using Brasero
and will keep on using... Luckily I know now :)

Thanks team!

Long file names are truncated without warning
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