[Bug 380144] Re: xcdroast+wodim can't setup (1st run as root)

T-Bone varenet at parisc-linux.org
Mon Jun 1 17:02:28 BST 2009

Xcdroast seems to have become totally useless. The attached patch
restores some basic functionality, provided that you manually create a
/usr/bin/readcd symlink to /usr/bin/readom.

Some explanations for the (very ugly) patch:
- mkisofs (genisoimage) and cdrecord (wodim) output their version information in stderr.
- most of the tools output a fake version line for frontends such as xcdroast as the *first* line of output in their version information. Don't fetch multiple lines, it breaks the (broken-by-design) check_version_*() routines.
- cdda2wav (icedax) doesn't even bother doing that anymore, skip entirely the check.

With that patch (and the aforementioned symlink), xcdroast will start
and configure properly (though for cdrom burning only, afaict). I didn't
check whether it would actually burn something correctly though ;P

It also seems that xcdroast completely ignores the '-n' flag, but I
didn't bother debugging that.

In my opinion, such completely broken (and useless) software shouldn't
be included in the release.


** Attachment added: "quick hack to "make it work""

xcdroast+wodim can't setup (1st run as root)
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