[Bug 49127] Re: Long file names are truncated without warning

Jeffrey Theobald jeff at meshta.org
Wed Jan 28 06:00:36 GMT 2009

Just confirming that while there is a dialog telling you that filenames
are too long, it won't tell you which filenames are too long and
magically helps you.

I also want to second  the comment about it truncating filenames that
are too short (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus-cd-
burner/+bug/49127/comments/4), for anyone burning disks of photos that
use filenames as descripters, 64 characters is really not enough.

K3B doesn't have this problem (but then I can't burn an entire disk with
it because it crashes midway through taking my entire XFS partition with
it until I reboot).

Long file names are truncated without warning
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