[Bug 319640] Re: couldnt burn cd when /tmp had 1GB instead of 3GB

David Johnston davedcj at gmail.com
Wed Jan 21 23:17:44 GMT 2009

Hi Chris, 
Thanks for taking the time to help out. 

your advice led to me being able to set the working directory for brasero so that I can scale temp back to normal size. 
I also needed to tinker a bit to trick brasero into giving gnome the gconf key for drives. brasero was there under apps, but it only had display and a couple of other groups under /apps/brasero but not including drives. 
I had to put a non-blank disc into the drive, open brasero from menu and click on the copy disc button. this enabled the  properties tab next to the burn destination button, which had been disabled when I had a blank disc in the drive. 
then I changed the location specified under the temporary files heading and changed it.
then when I went back to the gconf settings tool the drives group showed up and it had the tempdir key there for me to edit. 

I suggest we not set this bug as invalid. it is at least a documentation
weakness, but also the question of why a 1GB /tmp was inadequate but a
3GB /tmp allowed the cd to be burned.

Also it is a bug (or one of a set of bugs related to this one) because
the copy has a properties button for setting the temporary files
location, but that isnt available on the other buttons - data project,
audio cd, etc.

If you still disagree, I suggest setting a status other than invalid,
because this report has info that would help others who hit the same
problem, which is very likely, as few who create a /tmp would make it
bigger than 1GB if they are trying out a small setup and choose to
tailor the partitioning slightly to have a /tmp separate from /.

To handle the problem with the audio cd burn project failing and just showing the burn log browse, and not indicating the cause of the problem, I suggest the following - 
The app should look for the error message when it calls the utility which generates the iso image which I expect is where the more than 1GB space for a 750MB image is getting used up. Then it could report what is likely to be a fairly common error. Lack of that error checking and reporting detracts from the brasero objective of being a simple to use burner, and the functionality of the app failing rather than reporting the cause of the error is different to what I would expect, so I would class that as a bug. 

I understand that there are many different errors that could occur
during the burn process, and they cant all be catered to, but I think it
would make the app simple to use if the more likely ones are handled

I said in my earlier report - 
"there are a couple of things to deal with :
[ 1) ] - the burn project option doesnt have a properties selection button or similar (whereas the copy disc option does)
[ 2) ] - the process seems to need more than 30% above the 750 MB that the ISO image file is likely to occupy during disc burning."
I mentioned the first earlier. The second is also an issue that should be pursued (whether by same or separate problem report, or by a question to the dev team) 
There are some other things now apparent - 
3) the brasero install should put the drives key into the gconf database, rather than having to trick brasero into putting it in there by tinkering with the copy cd project option
4) if feasible, the documentation should mention that the temporary files location can be updated via gconf if the burn fails with that problem - in the meantime, this bug report would partly cover that need, but more likely so if it is not flagged as invalid. 

based on the above, I will (attempt to) set the status to something that
indicates there is still an issue but with a workaround to the problem.

couldnt burn cd when /tmp had 1GB instead of 3GB
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