[Bug 178774] Re: Silent failure when out of /tmp space

Tristan tristan.willy at gmail.com
Mon Jan 19 01:44:44 GMT 2009

I'm afraid you're stuck with grepping for errors without modifying the
readom source. I worked around the bug by supplying a sufficient temp
directory for gnomebaker to make the error I encountered unlikely.

A correct fix here is to fix readom to return with an error exit code
when it detects errors. That said, readom was messy code that'd take a
bit of work to fix when I initially investigated. Perhaps a quick
mostly-correct strategy is to set a global static variable in readom
with a desired exit code and have anything that attempts to print out
errno codes (strerror() and such) set the global variable to something

Silent failure when out of /tmp space
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