[Bug 316500] Re: WODIM refused to blank CD-RW media

daf davydm at gmail.com
Tue Jan 13 06:05:35 GMT 2009

Thank you for pointing me at an old article about how to report bugs.
Fortunately for me, I am a software developer myself, and I have an
understanding of what is required to report a bug (and, sometimes, to my
delight, how to fix one too). Unfortunately for this bug report, I did
provide all of the information that I was privy to, with the knowledge I
had available to me.

I also bothered to read the Ubuntu Launchpad guidelines for reporting a
bug, hence the "Requested Info" section (which I thought was a bit
sparse, but hey, that's what was requested). Perhaps the Launchpad needs
a feature added: "how to get extra information pertaining to this
specific package which will help the developers to resolve your issue".
Obviously, this would be different for different packages. Once again,
despite your attempt at diplomacy, I don't appreciate a glossed-over

Thanks also for pointing me at the Ubuntu Code of Conduct, so that I may
remain more diplomatic in the face of adversity, though tuly the only
true disrespect was shown for the Nero development team, which is
neither here nor there in the scheme of this bug report. The rest is
true: wodim has provided endless issues for countless users, and
provided myself with a most impressive (but ultimately useless) stack of
shiny coasters in the past, and shown the ubiquitous desire to not
function at all until the path was paved by schily tools.

I can, however, glean the one item of actual value from your response:
what information would assist you in resolving this bug (running wodim
-dd -V). I certainly do understand the benefit of having more
information reported for the resolution of a bug. It would be super-cool
if that kind of requirement could have been presented to me at the time
of the bug report -- I might have actually provided it.

Should the problem recur, I will be most delighted to attach more
information. It might also be in the interests of the wodim development
team to examine Mr Schilling's work -- the problem in wodim might become
glaringly obvious. I have a feeling that the schily cdrecord prods the
drive in some way that wodim doesn't. Since wodim is just a fork from a
prior version, surely one could diff the two trees to find out what
cleverness Mr Schiling is up to (though he has alluded to permission
issues in online postings)? I know it's a tedious job, but the dividends
might be worth it.

If the above comments are too inflammatory, please just ignore them. I
have done my best to edit out some of my more biting comments, in the
interests of actually trying to achieve a constructive end-goal.

WODIM refused to blank CD-RW media
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