[Bug 316500] Re: WODIM refused to blank CD-RW media

daf davydm at gmail.com
Mon Apr 20 20:10:32 BST 2009

All I can say is "Huzzah".

Actually, I can say more. Something along the lines of "about time too".

Thomas: Sorry I couldn't provide more information. Please excuse the
acidity of my original posts. The first was out of sheer frustration and
the second was in response to a backhanded RTFM, which was not at all
called for.

I've upgraded to Jaunty recently. Brasero seems to be behaving at the
moment, obviously using wodim (according to the package depends at
least; though I *thought* that brasero levered off of libburn?). I hope
that the re-inclusion of cdrtools will provide much-needed stability and
functionality to other projects (eg libburn), or will just simply
replace them where possible (eg wodim -- no need to flog a dead horse
when you have a new one on hand).

CDRTools coming back to Debian and derivatives is a win for the users.

WODIM refused to blank CD-RW media
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