[Bug 200337] Re: CD/DVD burning problem in hardy

Alan Johnson alan at datdec.com
Tue Oct 7 15:47:53 BST 2008

Yes, the issues is definitely with priority, not man power.


Please reconsider based on Andy's last two responses.  If the concern is
that there are too many duplicates, then they should be combined in to
one bug report and surely that priority should be higher.  There is some
small difference between the packages in 7.10 and 8.04, somewhere
between dvd+rw-tools and the kernel, that caused all this to break.
Speaking as a developer myself, that is a pretty good starting point for
fixing a bug.  While it is well out side my knowledge domain, from the
outside, it looks like a quick fix for some one who knows the system and
process.  At the risk of repeating others, I think the trick is just get
it right people with an appropriate priority.  Andy's reference to
numbers are certainly relevant to selecting an appropriate priority.

On an etiquette note, while some of the posts have a tone of less that
patient, I don't feel that "maybe you should consider contributing" is
an appropriate response to the legitimate argument that has been made
for an upgrade to the priority here.  I'm sure you just meant
"contributing code" specifically and that you understand that we are all
contributing here, in this report, and I expect that most of us
contribute in many ways beyond this.  For example, Andy may be paid to
manage 400+ machines, but that is still a significant contribution to
the cause.  You may be contributing more often and perhaps in a more
meaningful way to this project, but it is not appropriate to assume that
others are not doing the same or more elsewhere.  Again, I'm sure you
didn't mean it that way and meant well, but that wording can easily be
taken the wrong way.

Anyway, I greatly appreciate your efforts as I have seen you working on
many bugs.  I am sure every one here feels the same.  Please keep up the
good work and please keep working with us to better understand the
issue.  Perhaps a link to the official definition of the priorities
would be useful in that effort?


Given your situation, perhaps a support contract would be a wise thing
to consider as Sebastian suggested.  I sure would not complain if you
paid them to fix this problem for me. ;p  Seriously though, I'm not sure
how that works, but I would not pay a dime if they would not commit to
fixing the issue.  If they would take payment to increase this priority,
I think that is a reasonable thing for both them and you to pursue given
their business model and your needs.  Alternately, just keep running
7.10 until this bug gets fixed.  I hear you loud and clear on the LTS
and "it worked fine before" points, and I agree whole heartedly.
However, we must all do what we can with what we have.  That's not to
say we should give up the effort on this bug.  Since we have this forum,
that's one of the things we can do. =)

CD/DVD burning problem in hardy
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