[Bug 262867] Re: brasero hashes the harddrive, causing slowdowns

danielhollocher danielhollocher at gmail.com
Thu Oct 2 00:58:15 BST 2008

** Summary changed:

- cd burning causes severe unresponsiveness, and other foul smells
+ brasero hashes the harddrive, causing slowdowns

** Description changed:

- I am having lots of trouble burning a cd image.  The default tool makes
- my computer INCREDIBLY laggy.  It always lags, and watching the memory,
- it looks like it has NO method of caching at all.  I figured the lag
- stems from IO wait stemming from dispersed harddrive requests.
+ Brasero uses /tmp for its temporary work space.  /tmp is just a
+ directory on the harddrive, its not RAM.  Thus, when brasero tries to do
+ a bunch of work, it ends up swapping to the harddrive, even though you
+ have plenty of ram.
- This was past experience.
+ The work around is to go into properties, and use any tmpfs mount point,
+ which uses the RAM, like /dev/shm
- I tried it again to see if it was still happening that way, and it was,
- so I canceled and rebooted.
- After that I opened up Brasero.  Brasero I think inadvertently caches
- because it does a scan of the image before starting again.  Thats a
- little better, and works fine for me, since I have 2g of ram, which is
- of course plenty to cache a cd image.
- At some point, I selected to just run a simulation.  I started it.  I
- lost my mouse.  At the time, I thought that my system was just grinding
- to a halt, since, it was grinding to a halt.  Later, I realized that my
- keyboard was responding to certain keystrokes, and magically, an alt-tab
- brought everything back to life.  I could click again!
- (Note, I said my keyboard was only responding to certain keystrokes.
- Here is what happened.  I happened to have a terminal open.  I learned
- that I could type in it.  I have a shortcut key that can open gnome-
- terminals, but that wasn't working.  anyway)
- After the simulation, Brasero decides to burn the cd automatically,
- giving me 10 seconds to cancel.  This frustrated me, since I hadn't
- recovered my mouse at the time.
- After it finishes recording, it ejects the cd, and then declares that is
- going to run a checksum on the cd.  Except, it never pulls the cd back
- in.  Great...  I push it back in.
- Now, at the time of this writing, it is stuck at %93 of the checksum
- process.  (annd...  I'm hitting cancel)
- This is all to burn intrepid alpha 4, so I will check that out, and see
- if I get better results.  But, on hardy, this is very buggy.
+ I guess /tmp is for temporary files that you aren't doing allot of I/O
+ on.  Anyway, I don't really know whats going on.  I don't know why
+ brasero is using files in the first place.  I switched, and saw no
+ noticeable increase in my ram usage, so its not like brasero needs a
+ large working space.  I don't understand why brasero isn't just
+ allocating the memory it needs, like every other program does.

brasero hashes the harddrive, causing slowdowns
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