[Bug 200337] Re: CD/DVD burning problem in hardy SOLVED --- BURN AT 2X

ManOfSteel anrabaro at hotmail.com
Mon May 12 14:54:23 BST 2008

** Summary changed:

- CD/DVD burning broken in hardy
+ CD/DVD burning problem in hardy SOLVED --- BURN AT 2X

** Description changed:

+ Hi im new at linux but i'm trying to do my best with the best system
+ there is ;) ...
+ I had a problem burning DVDs it kept on giving me an error it didnt want
+ to burn anything then i try to lower the speed of the burning process
+ wich by default is "maximun speed possible" always. I changed the
+ burning speed to to 2x and it started working again ... I really dont
+ know why cause i dont know how to use linux very well but it seems the
+ problems is that there is a conflict with the decision on speed when is
+ left to system to decide by itself ...
+ well those are my two cents i hope if someone reads this knows how to
+ fix the bug
+ Andy Bartolme
+ Dominican Republic
+ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  Binary package hint: nautilus-cd-burner
  Burning cd's and dvd's is currently not working in hardy for me, while
  it worked perfectly on gutsy. I tried both nautilus-cd-burner and
  brasero. When I use n-c-b it finishes very quickly, but it seems only
  the file/directory strucure is written to disc, but none of the actual
  data. I think (but I am not completely sure) that this started around
  the time of the GVFS updates several weeks ago.

CD/DVD burning problem in hardy SOLVED --- BURN AT 2X
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