[Bug 244148] [NEW] brasero displays incorrect track duration

Stephen Irons stephen.irons at tait.co.nz
Mon Jun 30 09:35:39 BST 2008

Public bug reported:

Binary package hint: brasero

While creating an audio CD, Brasero displayed the wrong track duration
and burned a bad disk. First, I added some .WAV files to the brasero
audio cd project. I then realised that they needed tweaking, so I re-
generated the .WAV files from my audio editor. I then removed the files
from the brasero project and dragged the new ones (with the same names)
into the project.

Brasero kept the duration of the original files. It burned to disk the
contents of the second version of the files, but truncated them (if the
first version was shorter than the second) or padded them with silence
(if the first version was longer than the second).

To reproducd the problem:

1. In Brasero, create a new audio CD project
2. Create two WAV files; I used Audacity export multiple 
     * track1.wav, 5MB, 00:30 
     * track2.wav, 20MB, 02:00
3. Drag them into Brasero. Brasero reports their duration correctly.
4. Oh dear, they were wrong, I need to change them
5. Overwrite test1.wav and test2.wav with different contents and change the length; once again, I used Audacity 
      * track1.wav, 10MB, 01:00 
      * track2.wav, 15MB, 01:30
6. Delete the files from Brasero
7. Drag the new test1.wav and test2.wav into Brasero
8. Brasero reports their duration as 00:30 and 02:00, not 01:00 and 01:30 as expected
9. Burn a disk and play it on a CD player. Both tracks are incorrect 
      * Track 1 is 00:30 long, and consists of the music in the second version of track1.wav, truncated at 30s 
      * Track 2 is 02:00 long, and consists of the music in the second version of track2.wav, padded with silence to 02:00

This behaviour is clearly wrong: it should either use the first versions
of track1.wav and track2.wav, or the second version. It should not use
the duration of the first version but the contents of the second

In order to get the correct duration for track1.wav and track2.wav, you
have to close Brasero. I have not tried creating a new project, but that
might work too.

Note: Brasero notices if you rename a file, presumably using inotify;
however, it does not seem to notice if you write new contents to the
file or if the length of the file (duration of the music) changes.

Ubuntu 8.04, updated to 2008-06-25
Brasero 0.7.103ubuntu1

** Affects: brasero (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: New

brasero displays incorrect track duration
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