[Bug 200337] Re: CD/DVD burning problem in hardy

Alan Johnson alan at datdec.com
Sun Jul 13 23:53:57 BST 2008

I am having the same trouble on my HP 6510b laptop with an HP DVD 840
USB burner.  The internal drive gives the same error, but I am not
completely sure it is actually a DVD burner. =)  Know issues previously
burning DVDs, but I can't say for sure when I last tried it.

regarding pliz post: My parents machine started giving him these
"exception Emask" errors.  I just bought them a new Dell Inspiron 530,
shipped with Gutsy.  After putting in a second hard drive, installing
Gutsy from the CD that came with it, upgrading to Hardy with the update
manager, and installing all the updates, it started having trouble
booting, giving errors like those found on this forum post:
http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=846288&mode=linear  Based on
that post, I decided to roll him back to 7.10 and everything has been
fine since.  I expect this is why Dell is still shipping 7.10.

I wonder if these issues are not related?  It looks like a kernel issue
to my ignorant eyes. From this post, it looks like there is a pretty
wide set of hardware that is effected by this.  I wonder if more people
don't have the same problem and are just unaware because, like me, they
just don't burn anything very often.

I too would think this issue should have a higher priority by now, but
that is just arguing semantics with which I am familiar: let's leave
that decision to the contributor's.  Remember, this is an LTS release,
so it will get done, just be patient and/or find another way  to burn
for now (roll back, duel boot, burn on another machine, etc.).  Keep the
info coming, but save the gripping for some other venue, eh? I did get a
giggle out of Andy's post sarcasm, but as he now knows, it was not fair
and just caused confusion.  This is a community effort and we all need
to try to be constructive and supportive if we want things to improve.

CD/DVD burning problem in hardy
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