[Bug 91043] Re: Install Brasero by default

Saïvann Carignan oxmosys at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 22:04:29 GMT 2008

I believe that the actual decision is fine because Brasero will
automatically ask people if they want to use it as the default
application for Data Cd if people try to use it to burn data, people
will have the choice! However, for people who just want to drag files to
the Cd and burn, it will still be very easy through nautilus burn. We
will not change the habits of actual ubuntu users and we'll give them
more possibilities by adding brasero as an included burning program.
Concerning the Serpentine part, I believe that Serpentine did have bugs
and a slow development. Serpentine was great but a bit weak compared to
brasero which seems to be a very active and complete project. Nautilus
burn and brasero are not exactly the same thing but Serpentine and
Brasero works the same way, so it's fine to replace it, IMO.

Install Brasero by default
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