[Bug 45026] Re: K3b dont find emovix-2 and normalize

cyberfin cyberfin at gmail.com
Sun Nov 4 22:20:31 GMT 2007


Just a heads up about the emovix not being found. You have to install
the debian package from the emovix sourceforge.net page
http://sourceforge.net/projects/movix/ choose the emovix download then
the debian package. This installs the required files to create emovix CD

I think the problem here is really that people aren't interpretting the
problem correctly. It says that the emovix files can't be found because
it's looking for the image files not a program as such. Movixmaker-2
doesn't seem to install the emovix files as I think it uses the same
steps as emovix to create the images using the same programs as emovix.
This make sense?

Even though the debian package installs faultlessly, perhaps this debian
package could be included in the same ubuntu repos as mplayer, etc?


Amen... I had the same problem and this solved it for me. It is strange
that k3b just don't include it directly into their package...

K3b dont find emovix-2 and normalize
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