[Bug 86431] Re: nautilus-cd-burner wrongly reports burn failure

Douglas Peter Sculley dsculley at gmail.com
Sat Jun 16 14:01:31 BST 2007

Yes I receive a dialog box at the end of the burn saying there were
errors try again at a lower speed.

The original screenshot attached to this bug by Tan is identical to the
error I receive.

The md5sum of resulting burned iso matches source and I have no
conclusive proof that the burn was indeed bad.

In my review of the log files attached makes me suspect the sense key
error after sending CUE sheet is the problem. I have another feisty
install which I compared logs to that does not have this issue and that
was the only resultant difference I observed.

It may be worth noting I have a SATA board and using libata which from
other bug reports appears to have issues blanking CDRW and other issues.
While I was not using or blanking a CDRW it may be another piece in the

I updated firmware on the Sony DVD RW DRU-810A for grins and it did not
remedy the issue.

Running the cdrecord command directly produces the same log file.

My apologies for not including this information on previous comment. I'm
still a bit new at launchpad.

nautilus-cd-burner wrongly reports burn failure
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