[Bug 128938] Re: k3b hangs on launch with usb dvd burner TSSTCorp TS-H552b

Brian harkness maestro_bwh at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 30 23:10:50 BST 2007

Correction, errors are given: Script from konsole attached.

After waiting a long time (2+ min), k3b will open and device is listed.

It takes another minute to scan directories, so something is running
very slow.  Then, if blank media is put in, nothing happens; however, if
k3b is left open, and the device is shut off, and then on again, the
medium is recognized.

Once K3b launches, and it is closed, the device is no longer recognized
by other applications until it is shut off and turned back on again.

k9copy, and all players use this device without issue.  k3b works with
my Feisty install in next partition and this device.

I downgraded to other versions of k3b just to see if it was the latest
package causing this issue and got same results.

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k3b hangs on launch with usb dvd burner TSSTCorp TS-H552b
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