[Bug 23203] Re: cdrecord maps <bus>, <target>, <lun> to /dev/sgX imperfectly

wilko donwilkinson at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat Feb 17 08:58:28 GMT 2007

I fixed this on my system by adding a udev rule.  You could simply add
the necessary line in 40-permissions.rules but if there is an update to
udev it will get overwritten and you'll be back where you started. So I
created a new rule and called it 15-local.rules and put the following
lines in the file:

# SCSI devices
BUS=="scsi", KERNEL=="sg[0-9]", NAME="%k", GROUP="cdrom"

Restart the system and in terminal run cdrecord -scanbus.   You should
no longer see the line"Error trying to open /dev/sg0 exclusively
(Permission denied)".

cdrecord maps <bus>,<target>,<lun> to /dev/sgX imperfectly

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