[Bug 57796] Re: automount and bad CD (Rock Ridge extensions)

Schily schilling at fokus.fraunhofer.de
Mon Dec 24 00:32:12 GMT 2007

Apple may or may not follow the standards here.......

I am not sure why you did write a bug report against cdrkit
as there is nobody in the "cdrkit team" with sufficient
knowledge on the filesystem layout to help you.

Your primary problem seems to be Linux kernel related and 
it seems to be important to verify the filesystem image for 
standard compliance. If the filesystem is not standard compliant,
you need to send a bug report to Apple. If the filesystem is
standard compliant, you need to send a Linux kernel bug report.

Not all problems seen in cdrkit are present with the original 
software, so it may be helpful to check the original cdrtools first.

The old mkisofs code definitely did not handle Apple extensions
correctly. Unfortunately I am not sure whether I fixed all related
problems already. I know that the Solaris "hsfs" kernel filesystem driver
correctly ignores Apple extensions, so you may like to test the CD
on a recent Solaris version to verify whether there is a Linux kernel problem.

I am interested in the filesystem image to check mkisofs and fix it if needed.
Could you please send a small example?

automount and bad CD (Rock Ridge extensions)
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