[Bug 91043] Re: Install Brasero by default

Luis Medinas lmedinas at gmail.com
Mon Dec 17 03:54:15 GMT 2007

Right now Brasero 0.7 is close to be released it should be around xmas.
We start working on a patch to gnome-panel to use G-V-M default burning
application to replace the current CD/DVD Creator behavior which is
pulling N-B-C. Brasero 0.7 has lots of new features, bug fixes and
enhancements. Since now i'm an Ubuntu user and Brasero developer i'm
getting my eye on Brasero and cd burning packaging on ubuntu (which was
one of my tasks when i was a Gentoo developer). Of course like any other
OSS brasero needs to grow up, needs developers, a community and have
bugs :). So from now on why use k3b   on Gnome when we can improve
Brasero which is a Gnome Project.

Install Brasero by default
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