[Bug 62896] Re: SATA drive won't burn CD or DVD (work around)

Richard Birnie rbirnie at totalise.co.uk
Sun Nov 19 16:42:15 GMT 2006

Work around.

If anyone is still having issues with this I've found an alternative
solution. There is another CD burning app called brasero (also known as
Bonfire) which works just fine for me. My system config is in the
previous post. The application is available from the ubuntu
repositories, it uses libburn as a backend instead of cdrecord which I
think may be the source of this bug.

I installed the packages 'brasero' and 'libburn2' through adept and it
just works. So far I've burned a collection of assorted data files and
an install/liveCD and both have worked fine. There doesn't seem to be
much in the way of documentation but the app is so straightforward it's
self explanatory once you open it. The only thing that doesn't work for
me is multisession but I'm led to believe it's in the pipeline for a
future release.

SATA drive won't burn CD or DVD

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