[Bug 30033] Re: mkisofs can't handle files over 2^32 bytes

Richard rd1 at donkin.org
Wed Dec 27 21:30:23 GMT 2006

I also have this bug, resulting from using K3B with default options.  I
have a 4 GB backup file from a Windows backup tool that I am trying to
burn to DVD.  There are clearly quite a few people who have had this
problem, and it's 100% reproducible and already fixed upstream in
development builds, so it would be good to see a fix in Ubuntu -
currently this is something that Windows handles without problems.

I'm on Breezy with mkisofs called from k3b.  I've attached the debug
info generated from k3b.

Package: mkisofs
Version: 4:2.01+01a01-4ubuntu3

There's also a significant GUI bug in k3b here - despite files being
skipped by mkisofs, the user is given no warning of this at all....
Luckily there was only one file involved here, so the error was obvious.

mkisofs can't handle files over 2^32 bytes

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