[Bug 75887] Re: k3b can't find bin file in the same directory

yamal kubuntu at uhn-noc.net.ru
Fri Dec 15 20:42:50 GMT 2006

Yes that is what is causing the burning to fail, and that by itself is
an error of whoever/whatever created that cue file.

But... k3b does pretend to find the bin file without any problem and
calculates the md5 sum for it in the selection dialog, even when the
filename specified in the cue file is wrong because of upper vs lower

Next, upon burning, the cdrecord tools try to use the bin filename
exactly as found in the cue file (as they should!) and fail (no surprise

So that would be a bug. Either it should not pretend all is well when
selecting the cue file (and instead warn the user); or when accepting a
"wrongly named" bin file, it should make sure burning works correctly
(for example by feeding a corrected copy of the cue file to cdrecord).

Anyway, current behaviour is counter-intuitive and wrong.

k3b can't find bin file in the same directory

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