[Bug 49127] Re: Long file names are truncated without warning

Andi nudeldieb at directbox.com
Wed Dec 13 08:52:13 GMT 2006

sry, but I think this is a problem with NOT truncating the file names, as they are long but not long enough to not follow the RockRidge preferences.
However, they are too long for Joliet players, so the files aren't even identified by this players.
I had this problem not long ago, and I was wondering why some files weren't played in my car stereo, though xmms/mpg321 played them.
After I burnt them with k3b, which gives respect to the Joliet preferences in the burn dialog and thus telling you to shorten the file names to an appropriate length, my car stereo plays them as usual.


Long file names are truncated without warning

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