[Bug 52666] Re: DVD burning is extremely slow

Hassnain hassnain.chagani at gmail.com
Mon Dec 11 14:49:23 GMT 2006

My problem have been resolved!! All I had to do was flash the drive with
the firmware provided by a site (details below) and presto, I can burn
at respectable speeds again (K3b/dvd+rw tools/growisofs/nero, etc.).
(Plextor 755/760 users don't forget to clear your AutoStrategy database
before upgrading the firmware!)

Quote from the site:
"It is necessary to use a modified firmware to get full access to your PX-760A since Plextor does not allow free software to use all capabilities of YOUR drive. The modified firmware was an original Plextor firmware, where the q-check commands are available now."

Download the firmware, flasher and QPxTool from:

On a side note, I have noticed that whenever there is network activity,
the burning slows down... I read somewhere that it might be linked to my
network card sharing the same IRQ as the burner. I'll have to dig that
article up and fix that.

As for owners of other writers, check if your firmware allows linux
burning software to use the q-check commands... And I recommend that
EVERYONE download the QPXTool its great for running tests and changing
various options on your burner, etc. all in linux. It also supports
burners other than Plextor.


DVD burning is extremely slow

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