Bug# 301481 Q&A

Mike Dombrowski mike.w5dom at gmail.com
Mon Jun 3 19:44:37 UTC 2019

Paul, thanks for your helpful feedback. I certainly appreciate it!

I've updated bug #301481 with a comment/request for more information
specific to the issue per your feedback. To anyone on the team, please feel
free to let me know if I can improve upon it.

Best regards,

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> Date: Sun, 02 Jun 2019 17:01:47 +0100
> From: "Paul White" <paulw2u at ubuntu.com>
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> Subject: Re: New subscriber - Mike Dombrowski
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> Hi Mike,
> There are probably thousands of bug reports on Launchpad that have never
> been touched, are still marked "New" and date back to very early Ubuntu
> releases. Such reports may of course still have some validity but many of
> course do not.
> With reference to your bug #301481, I see that you've marked it as being
> "Incomplete" but why?
> The last thing any bug reporter wants to see is his/her bug report closed
> for no good reason. Over the past year I've managed to close well over
> 1,500 abandoned reports by marking them as being invalid, fixed or
> incomplete but I've always given my reasons for doing so. Only on a handful
> of occasions have I been challenged for the reason behind my actions.
> I always ask the reporter if he/she agrees that their report can now be
> closed, ask if the issue has been fixed for them in a later Ubuntu release
> or perhaps look for an report elsewhere that might confirm that an upstream
> fix is now In Ubuntu . You might also check if the reporter still uses
> Launchpad, whether the bug has been confirmed by more than one user or if
> the content of the report is still valid for the currently supported
> versions of the package. All of those factors can affect whether the report
> is still valid or not. On many occasions the report can simply be closed
> after writing a few lines explaining why.
> However, I don't want his email to imply that I'm simply closing down
> abandoned bug reports. For the packages that I'm currently looking at I'm
> updating the reports that are still valid and also reporting the issues to
> upstream providers where applicable.
> If in doubt either ask for help or simply move on. There's always plenty
> to do. :o)
> --
> Paul White
> PaulW2U at ubuntu.com
> On Sat, 1 Jun 2019, at 23:31, Mike Dombrowski wrote:
> > Here is a question for clarification... I'm noticing there are bugs
> marked "New" that were reported years ago on old versions of Ubuntu. As an
> example, Bug #301481 specific to 7.1 and 8.1 according to the reporter. Is
> there a reason this is outstanding and I should avoid updating its status
> to "Won't fix"? I'm being cautious.
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