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Hi Mike,

There are probably thousands of bug reports on Launchpad that have never been touched, are still marked "New" and date back to very early Ubuntu releases. Such reports may of course still have some validity but many of course do not.

With reference to your bug #301481, I see that you've marked it as being "Incomplete" but why?

The last thing any bug reporter wants to see is his/her bug report closed for no good reason. Over the past year I've managed to close well over 1,500 abandoned reports by marking them as being invalid, fixed or incomplete but I've always given my reasons for doing so. Only on a handful of occasions have I been challenged for the reason behind my actions.

I always ask the reporter if he/she agrees that their report can now be closed, ask if the issue has been fixed for them in a later Ubuntu release or perhaps look for an report elsewhere that might confirm that an upstream fix is now In Ubuntu . You might also check if the reporter still uses Launchpad, whether the bug has been confirmed by more than one user or if the content of the report is still valid for the currently supported versions of the package. All of those factors can affect whether the report is still valid or not. On many occasions the report can simply be closed after writing a few lines explaining why.

However, I don't want his email to imply that I'm simply closing down abandoned bug reports. For the packages that I'm currently looking at I'm updating the reports that are still valid and also reporting the issues to upstream providers where applicable.

If in doubt either ask for help or simply move on. There's always plenty to do. :o)
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On Sat, 1 Jun 2019, at 23:31, Mike Dombrowski wrote:
> Here is a question for clarification... I'm noticing there are bugs marked "New" that were reported years ago on old versions of Ubuntu. As an example, Bug #301481 specific to 7.1 and 8.1 according to the reporter. Is there a reason this is outstanding and I should avoid updating its status to "Won't fix"? I'm being cautious.
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