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Thu Jun 8 21:05:41 UTC 2017

On Thu, Jun 8, 2017 at 12:43 PM, Alberto Salvia Novella <
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> Alberto:
>> Okay, text.
> Well, I really don't feel like it's something I wanted to do any more.
> Apart from if it practically makes sense or not.
> Simply I spend a big part of my time alone writing in front of a computer,
> and the latest thing that appeals to me is relating with people through
> text. More of the same thing.
> I simply don't see myself spending years and years like that, it's dull.
> Probably I would end avoiding the conversations. In fact this is what has
> been happening till now.
> As I said these emails takes me plenty of time to write. Moreover they
> make me worry if people are getting what I mean or not. So I tend to write
> longer and longer and longer, till the point the conversation no longer
> makes sense.
> In fact most people outside of this conjuncture says that they feel
> flattened when I took the time to answer like that. Probably we are
> reaching the tunnel effect, and close to make a quantum jump to a new
> dimension.
I also agree that sometimes writing text can be a little dull, but there
are two things to consider here: (1) what is the most effective way for an
individual to collaborate (what do you prefer), and (2) what is the most
effective way for a community to collaborate (what is the best thing for us
all together).

In many cases, the preference of the individual is not the preferred method
for the community. Speaking personally, I don't particularly enjoy mailing
list discussions. I get loads of email anyway, and I find doing yet more
email frustrating. I also enjoy 1-on-1 discussion via in-person meetings,
hangouts, and calls. The problem is, those in-person meetings and calls
simply don't scale.

Communities are a many-to-many entity. We have lots of people talking with
lots of other people, and what this results in is mediums that support a
many-to-many approach. Text is the most efficient way for people to
communicate in this manner for many reasons - it is low bandwidth, you can
access it on mobile phones, blind people can understand it with screen
readers, multiple clients support it, you can do machine translation on it,
etc. I entirely agree with you that it might not be as quick and accessible
and filming a video, but that is the compromise me make in a collaborative

So, in summary, I agree with your frustrations with text, but as I said,
this is the compromise we make to ensure we have accessible forms of
communication for everyone. When someone comes up with something as
accessible as text which works for everyone, I will be the first to join!



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