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RM'ed etiquette requesting non-announcing as going against a river current.

   * '''Please do not report bugs about software in [[PPA]]s.''' <<BR>> This is because software in PPAs are not provided by the official Ubuntu repositories, and in turn not supported. Instead, the PPA homepage would have a contact point and preference of the PPA provider. The exception is [[LibreOffice]] as per [[https://lists.launchpad.net/libreoffice/msg00072.html|this mail]], as LibreOffice is too big to be tracked via email: as described in the mail, file a bug on Launchpad with tag `ppa`.
   * '''Please do not report upgrade failures when you have installed software that is self-compiled, from a third party deb not provided by the Ubuntu repositories, or from a PPA.''' In order to maximize your upgrade success, all this software would need to be uninstalled, or replaced with the corresponding software from the Ubuntu repositories if it is mandatory to keep.
   * '''Please do not add project tasks to bug reports that are invalid because they are not supported'''. <<BR>> For example, if you were using the LibreOffice PPA and reported a bug against the package libreoffice (Ubuntu), which would be marked Status Invalid, please do not add the Launchpad Project [[https://launchpad.net/df-libreoffice|df-libreoffice]] to the report, or change the package libreoffice (Ubuntu) to the project df-libreoffice. The purposes of adding the upstream project to a report is to track valid bugs in Ubuntu that are valid upstream, and may have been reported upstream, not to start another upstream bug tracker.
-  * '''Please do not announce in a report you did not file, that you filed a new report.'''
   * '''Many of the triagers and developers who are providing support to you, are volunteers doing so out of altruism. Please keep this in mind when making your comments.'''
   * '''Please do not compress/tar attachments when posting them to a bug report.''' <<BR>> Launchpad doesn't have the same attachment size restriction as other bug reporting platforms. Hence, one may attach large files without fear of rejection. While it is appreciated that one is being considerate and efficient regarding reducing network bandwidth traffic, and storage requirements, this is counteracted by hindering the speed with which a triager or developer may begin analyzing the logs you provide.
   * '''Please test the latest version of the software from upstream.''' <<BR>> Testing the latest upstream release helps in finding out if the issue is a downstream (Ubuntu) issue, or an upstream one as well. If an upstream, then they may also be engaged in seeking support for the problem.

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