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Fixed broken links

  If '''ANY''' of these conditions are satisfied and ''you are not the original reporter'', you can Confirm the report.  To do this:
   * Change the "Status" field to "Confirmed".
-  * Assign the appropriate [[Bugs/Bug importance|importance]].
+  * Assign the appropriate [[Bugs/Importance|importance]].
   * Click "Save changes".
  Do not be worried if a bug you have confirmed, which cannot be sent upstream stays 'Confirmed' for a very long time. Ubuntu has many, many bugs and the developers will look at confirmed bugs first.
@@ -301, +301 @@

  == Status and importance ==
- The default meanings of [[Bugs/Bug importance|importances]] and Statuses are explained at [[Bugs/Bug importance|importance]] and [[Bugs/Status]]. Make sure you've read these pages thoroughly.
+ The default meanings of [[Bugs/Importance|importances]] and Statuses are explained at [[Bugs/Importance|importance]] and [[Bugs/Status]]. Make sure you've read these pages thoroughly.
  If in doubt, the maintainer (or the one working on the bug) should change the Status and Importance. It usually reflects the status of this work or reflects how the bug fits into her/his working time.

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