Now that 10.04 has reached end of life...

Alberto Salvia Novella es20490446e at
Sun May 17 20:43:47 UTC 2015

Hans Joachim Desserud:
> 2. The second case I found was bugs where I couldn't check if the bug
> persisted because the package had been removed from newer releases of
> Ubuntu. Meaning that once 10.04 reached EOL, there was no longer any
> supported Ubuntu release where package was available. As an example, see
> for instance bug 565110 [2]. How does one proceed with bugs like this?

In this case, I would just set its status as "won't fix".

Hans Joachim Desserud:
 > As we all know, Ubuntu 10.04 reached end of life at the end of last
 > month. Right before this happened I looked over the bug reports
 > affecting this release I am subscribed to check whether they were
 > still reproducible on later releases.

Not worth the effort. If the bug is really important, someone will 
confirm it when using the operating system or performing manual testing.

It's much faster to test if a software works than confirming all the 
unconfirmed reports.

Hans Joachim Desserud:
 > Since it no longer exists in Ubuntu, I doubt these issues will be
 > fixed, unless they are addressed upstream or repackaged in Ubuntu.
 > Which is a bit sad, but I that also means they are padding out the
 > list of open bugs, making it harder to find actual issues.

Non necessarily. Although it would be good to remove those old bugs, you 
can just filter releases using tags.

On the other hand, I proposed a long time ago that a bot should clean 
those by asking the user for confirmation while setting the report 
status to "incomplete".

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