Now that 10.04 has reached end of life...

Hans Joachim Desserud ubuntu at
Sun May 17 20:24:31 UTC 2015

Hi all,

As we all know, Ubuntu 10.04 reached end of life at the end of last 
month. Right before this happened I looked over the bug reports 
affecting this release I am subscribed to check whether they were still 
reproducible on later releases. For those that were, I added a comment, 
updated the tags and in some cases forwarded bug reports to Debian.

But I also found two categories of bugs I didn't know how to deal with, 
so I thought I'd check with others.

1. Bugs which are targeted to the lucid series [1]. These are usually 
fixed in a newer release but targeted to lucid and/or other releases for 
SRU purposes. If I remember correctly, somone had a script which would 
go through all bugs targeted to a particular release and close them with 
a message explaining the release had reached EOL. I think this was run 
the last time a release reached EOL. Should this be a regular thing, and 
the script re-run for lucid?

(Note, I am talking about bugs _targeted_ towards a release, not tagged 
with one. The tagged ones might still be perfectly reproducible in newer 
releases, so I understand that we can't simply close them without 
investigating further.)

2. The second case I found was bugs where I couldn't check if the bug 
persisted because the package had been removed from newer releases of 
Ubuntu. Meaning that once 10.04 reached EOL, there was no longer any 
supported Ubuntu release where package was available. As an example, see 
for instance bug 565110 [2]. How does one proceed with bugs like this?

Since it no longer exists in Ubuntu, I doubt these issues will be fixed, 
unless they are addressed upstream or repackaged in Ubuntu. Which is a 
bit sad, but I that also means they are padding out the list of open 
bugs, making it harder to find actual issues. I checked to see if there 
were any default response for this kind of situation, but failed to find 
any. I guess a combination of [3] and [4] might make sense, but I'm not 
sure on how to phrase it.


mvh / best regards
Hans Joachim Desserud

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