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   * [[http://bashdb.sourceforge.net/bashdb.html#PS4|PS4]] trick
   * Using to debug SYSV start/stop scripts.
-  * debugger `set_trace` trick? ''Note: `set_trace` is depricated in favor of `debugger`''
+  * debugger `set_trace` trick? ''Note: `set_trace` is deprecated in favor of `debugger`''
  Note: if you are going to debug `configure` scripts, you want the `readarray` builtin. ''This has since been encorporated into bash 4.0 and is not needed in that and later versions''
@@ -139, +139 @@

      gem install trepanning
  The code is on github in https://github.com/rocky/rb-trepanning .
+ == Debuggers since the talk ==
+ === Devel::Trepan ===
+ After years of hesitation, I wrote a [[https://metacpan.org/pod/Devel::Trepan|debugger for Perl]]. The reason I waited so long is that Perl has always had a powerful debugger. But it was yet another one-off any other debugger. And the code was like too many other debuggers, one file with 10K lines. (It's not the 10K I mind, my debugger probably has that many lines too; its the fact that it is all in one file.)
+ === trepanjs ===
+ [[https://www.npmjs.com/package/trepanjs|trepanjs]] is a debugger for nodejs. It is more '''gdb''-like. However, command syntax follows Javascript notation, is does its predecessor "node debug" instead of a shell-like command set that ''gdb'' follows. For example you write:
+     list(5)
+ rather than:
+     list 5

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