Ubuntu Server LTS 14 Installer MDADM

Norman Geist norman.geist at uni-greifswald.de
Mon Mar 16 09:09:11 UTC 2015

Hey there,


I'd like to report the following problem regarding RAID configuration during

Ubuntu Server LTS 14 installation from CD. 


I have two fake RAID level 1, configured via LSI MegaRaid BIOS utility.

I've answered both installer question regarding activation of discovered

devices with "No", MDADM just activates both of these DDF1 fake raids as
software raid. Of course

installation on a MDADM RAID doesn't work properly when it comes to write
the GRUB

boot record.


So I had to manually deactivate all the software RAID devices from a shell,
activate the fake RAIDs

using dmraid, and let the installer redetect the disks. Now I'm finally able
to install everything without



I think it that it is not the expected behavior for MDADM to jump in without
being asked for

it, activating fake RAIDs as software RAIDs, making the installation a
confusing mess.




Norman Geist

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