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The "Bugs/Responses" page has been changed by cjwatson:

remove brainstorm response, as brainstorm has been decommissioned

  ||<tablestyle="background-color: #eee">Thank you for reporting this bug to Ubuntu. RELEASE reached EOL on DATE.<<BR>>See this document for currently supported Ubuntu releases: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases <<BR>><<BR>>I've tried recreating this bug with RELEASE and was unable to, given the information you've provided.  Please upgrade to the latest version and re-test. If the bug is still reproducible, increase the verbosity of the steps to recreate it so we can try again.<<BR>><<BR>>Do feel free to report any other bugs you may find.||
- == An idea to improve Ubuntu ==
-  Note: If it is a request to add a feature to a '''specific program''' it should be '''forwarded to the upstream developers instead.''' See: [[Bugs/HowToTriage#Forwarding%20upstream|Forwarding Bugs Upsteam]]
- Not everybody requesting an improvement should be directed to brainstorm. Only larger things, or instances where it would be good to get the feedback of users, such as changing a default program. If you redirected the reporter to brainstorm, please close the bug as Invalid.
- ||<tablestyle="background-color: #eee"> Thank you for taking the time to make Ubuntu better. Since what you submitted is not really a bug, or a problem, but rather an idea to improve Ubuntu, you are invited to post your idea in Ubuntu Brainstorm at http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/ where it can be discussed, voted by the community and reviewed by developers. Thanks for taking the time to share your opinion! ||
  == Patch attachment not flagged as a patch ==
  When reviewing bug attachments you might find an attachment that is a [[ Bugs/Patches | patch ]], but is not flagged.  Let people know what a patch is!

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