screen freezes on restart, start after shutdown and even sometimes even during shutdown

Alberto Salvia Novella es20490446e at
Mon Mar 3 13:25:14 UTC 2014

What you need is to collect information for the specific package 
(called "nvidia-graphics-drivers").

Regards ?

El 28/02/14 19:15, bhanuc escribió:
> Hi all,
> I have Lenevo Y500 , with ubuntu 14.04 installed on SSD (only storage 
> device) with Nvidia 650m with graphics driver version 331.49 . My 
> system is fully updated and I update almost daily.
> Some backstory-
> Installed 14.04 , installed nvidia driver then after a restart unity 
> launcher disappeared. I reinstalled nvidia driver( this had happened 
> in 13.10 and this has fixed it ) , no change so I instead of using 
> compiz-plugins I decided to install ubuntu-gnome and gnome-shell. This 
> fixed that problem but now  when-ever I restarted ,after the lenevo 
> boot screen my screen freezes onto nothing and I have to 
> force-shutdown and restart it again which instead of leading to that 
> freeze screen it leads to grub screen and then ubuntu loads 
> gracefully. But recently the system started freezing even while 
> shutting down. There is no automatic error getting generated (so 
> cannot log a bug ) nor did I see any fishy in my system log. Can 
> anyone please help. I am kind of a newbie with all this so please let 
> me know where should I start looking to solve this problem. I have 
> attached all kinds of logs which I could find .
> Thanks Warm Regards
> Bhanu Pratap Chaudhary

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