Utopic Bug Hug (and testing!) Days

Nicholas Skaggs nicholas.skaggs at canonical.com
Thu Jun 26 18:56:40 UTC 2014

Greetings everyone. Summer is now in full swing for those of us in the 
Northern Hemisphere (and vice versa for our friends down south). The 
release cycle too is now well underway, with the first alpha wrapping up 
this week for those flavors who chose to participate. With that in mind, 
I'd like to bring back some of the test days we had in past cycles; so 
let's get to brainstorming and scheduling!

I'd like to create a combination of the testing days and bug hug days 
we've done in the past. Let's have them on the same day as part of a 
collaborated effort. We'll work on bug triaging, while executing 
testcases and attempting to find new bugs or confirm existing ones. 
Curious about what a bug hug day is/was? Checkout 
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay for more information.

We will collaborate via IRC as usual. In addition, I'll plan on hosting 
a hangout (we'll use ubuntu-on-air) with some demos to help newcomers 
get up to speed on the tasks we've outlined. After the hangout, we'll 
continue the conversation via IRC as we work on bugs (filing new ones 
and triaging existing ones). Here's some of the ideas I had for demos; 
do you have something else you'd like to see?

Demonstrate installer testing, followed by running manual testcases 
inside new installation
Demonstrate filing a bug (during install and for applications)
Demonstrate bug triaging
Demonstrate using the emulator (ubuntu touch)
Demonstrate phone/tablet testing on real devices
Demonstrate testing core apps (real devices, emulator and desktop)
Demonstrate exploratory testing (talk about mindset)
Demonstrate running development release (talk about using changelog, 
updating on desktop, potential pitfalls, bugs)
Demonstrate using the qatracker (how to read testcases and run them, how 
to report results)

We won't attempt to do all of these in one event of course! We'll try 
and theme each event and pick applicable demos to go with it. That means 
we'll focus our work on different areas of ubuntu for each event. The 
goal for these test and triage days is pretty simple. Work on bugs! Get 
new bugs found and filed, close old bugs, and triage/confirm/help move 
forward existing bugs.

So to make these events happen we'll need a few things.

Date and time (scheduling)
List of bugs to work on
Volunteers to help demo
Your participation!

I'd love to hear some feedback and get the first of these scheduled. 
Timezones and real life can make things difficult sometimes, but I'm 
looking at Thursday July 10th from 1900 - 2200 UTC as the first date. 
I'd like to focus on the desktop, and specifically exploratory testing 
and running the development release. Let's look at bugs then that affect 
utopic, the installer or core applications on the desktop.

I'll volunteer to give a demo on running the development release and 
demonstrating installer testing, talk about exploratory testing etc.
Any volunteers for demoing bug triaging? I think this would be something 
helpful to demo each time we do one of these.

Any volunteers who might be able to help put together a list of bugs for 
us to focus on triaging? Keep in mind we'd like to focus on the 
installer and desktop.

I'd like to have several of these during the middle of the cycle before 
we all get busy again! Thanks everyone!


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