Emojis problems solved

Alberto Salvia Novella es20490446e at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 17:59:24 UTC 2014

Robert Park:
 > Emoji are for texting your girlfriend, they are not for a
 > serious wiki page.

Robert Park:
 > Emojis are not icons, they are BROKEN.

Neal McBurnett:
 > I'm now thinking that at least some emoji are downright evil (from a 
font perspective) - in color and animated!  That makes this thread even 
more esoteric than I thought, though perhaps still of interest to 
documentation folks, who are perhaps more interested in fonts and 
characters than most.

I have developed a work-around for these problems, that can be easily 
used in any wiki page:

Putted into place, looks as:

Thank you.

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