unicode / emoji in documentation (was Re: Common situations where a bug isn't real)

Adolfo Jayme Barrientos fitoschido at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 16:00:18 UTC 2014

> Can someone clarify the support situation for at least these characters?  Does it work for me
> in Ubuntu Precise 12.04 using chrome because I have the font, and Chrome knows how to
> use the font?  Or is Chrome using some other approach to get them to work?

I would say it’s because you have the font. Ubuntu doesn’t display
emojis out-of-the-box because it has no fonts supporting those

We could ship Noto Color Emoji (an open source font from Android), as
our FreeType/HarfBuzz stack is recent enough (in 14.04) so it supports
color fonts, but I’m not sure about the support in Chrome. Firefox
must support it, as Noto Color Emoji is included in Firefox OS.


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