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The "Bugs/Bug statuses" page has been changed by es20490446e:

    * For process bugs (e.g. [[FreezeExceptionProcess|FFes]] and [[SyncRequestProcess|syncs]]) triaged means the action has been approved by the relevant developers.
   * '''In Progress''':
-   * If '''you''' are working on fixing a bug '''right now''', set it to {{{In Progress}}} so people know what's going on
-   * {{{In Progress}}} bugs should be assigned to the person working on them
+   * You have assigned the bug '''to you''', and you're going to fix it '''right now'''
+   * /!\ '''Never''' assign bugs to others
+   * /!\ If there has been an assignee for more than six months without a fix or response, unasign him and revert this bug status
   * '''Fix Committed''':
    * Ubuntu bug task: the changes are pending and to be uploaded soon (it's what PENDINGUPLOAD was in Bugzilla)

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